Subject to availability, enquiries welcome.

We are delighted to introduce Softrope Home,  a range of beautiful Australian Merino yarn, spun on traditional machinery dating back to 1915, in one of Australia's last remaining working woolen mills. Soft, versatile, and full of character, Softrope Home is suitable for all garment types.

available in 4ply/fingering, sport/light DK and worsted weight. 

(available February, 2015)

* All our yarn is sourced from as close to home as possible, and we strive to offer  wool that is sustainably grown and processed.


kidsilk lace 80/20 superfine kidmohair, silk. 420 m / 50gm skeins. $32                   Origin: UK

softrope superfine* 100% superfine Australian merino, heavy laceweight. 620mt / 100gm skeins. $28   Origin : Australia                        

* softrope superfine is an heirloom yarn made from the most luxurious Australian merino available. Pure and untreated, spun and processed in Australia.


soft singles  100% superwash Merino, single ply construction. 365m /100gm skeins. $26   Origin: USA

softrope sock 85/15extrafine superwash merino/nylon. 4ply fingering weight. 400m / 100gm skeins. $26   Origin: China

bfl sock 100% superwash British bluefaced Leicester. 4ply fingering weight . 400 m / 100gm skeins. $27  Origin: UK

softrope home * 100% superwash Australian Merino. 4ply, fingering weight. 357m /100gm skeins. $26  Origin: Australia


softrope home  100% superwash Australian merino.  aprox 280m /100gm skeins. $26.  Origin: Australia. This yarn is suitable for patterns that call for sport or light DK yarn.

softrope organic sport  100% certified organic Merino. 5ply / sport weight. 187m /  50gm balls. $13.50  Origin: New Zealand   

(organic sport available December 2014)


softrope home  100% superwash Australian merino, worsted  weight. aprox 190mt /100gm skeins. $26  Origin: Australia